A1 - High KNees

REPS- 40

REST - Superset with A2

move, move, move!

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25 Minutes on the clock to get as many rounds completed as possible. If you don’t want to hit the road for a running workout, this will get the heart rate high and keep it there. As you get into the final 10 minutes, keep pushing on and see how many rounds you can score.

A2 - Mountain Climbers

REPS - 40

REST - Superset with A3

A3 - Plyo Lunges

REPS - 20 Each Side

REST -  Superset with A4

A4 - PLyo Push Up

REPS - 10

REST -  Superset with A5

a5 - Lateral Bounds 

REPS - 20 Each Side

REST -  N/A - Back to A1

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