One-on-One play helps you create opportunities to put your team in better positions and getting away from your opponent to find space is key – but so is staying in control.

Arrowhead   Speed    Drill


The agility mirror drill is great for improving your ability to change direction in a game like situation. The worlds top players are masters at losing their marker and creating space to play - this drill will help you to develop this skill


  • Stay in a low athletic position throughout the duration of the drill

  • Ensure your body maintains good angles when changing direction

  • Short, sharp powerful movements will be key for this drill

  • Use deception when losing your marker and be powerful when sprinting away 

PLAY LIKE - Use this drill to play like


  • Eden Hazard 

  • Lionel Messi

  • Raheem Stirling

SET-UP - See graphic below


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