There aren't many players (if any) to have laced up a pair of football boots who truly embody the 'Talent Ain't Enough' philosophy quite like John Terry. That's why TAE were over the moon when we got the chance to interview the man himself, after putting him though his paces at Chelsea's Cobham training base.

"I wasn't the best player in the academy but i wanted it 100% more than anyone else".

That's what John Terry tells us when explaining why he made it to the top of the game ahead of everyone else in his Chelsea youth team, many of whom he admits were better players than him at that moment in time.

It's that mental drive and determination to win every game, every tackle and to overcome every challenge he's faced in his career, that has played a major part in John Terry being widely regarded as the best defender of our generation.

Passion and bravery in abundance mixed with a true footballing brain and excellent technical ability. These are all attributes that have helped JT to win almost every club and individual honour going, captain both club and country whilst cementing his place as one of the games all time great players.

Check out or video interview with JT where he gives us his advice to any young player who wants to make it as a pro, and explains to us how working tirelessly for hours on the training field helped him to make his once weaker left foot as good if not better than his favoured right.

"My left foot now is probably better than my right and that due to the hours of hard work i put in back in the day ".