When Héctor Bellerín burst onto the scene in 2014, one of the most noticeable and hugely talked about attributes of the young Spaniards game was his unbelievable speed.

"Speed is so important in todays game. You may not be able to go from the slowest player to the fastest, but its definitely something that you can work on to improve ".

With his electric pace, great technical ability and the engine to repeatedly get up and down the pitch, Hector is the perfect example of the modern fall back who is now as much an attacking outlet, as he is a defender.

If you've been witness to any of Héctor's performances since cementing his place in the Arsenal team, you'd be forgiven for thinking that his speed and explosive power were natural attributes that he'd possessed his whole life. However, in our interview with the Spanish international, we find out that this wasn't always the case.

“Coming from Barcelona I had never stepped in a gym before coming to the U.K.”

“I remember my first game for the U18’s and everyone was flying past me. I didn't feel like I was ready physically.”

A true testament to the Arsenal mans hard work in the gym, is that at the age of only 21 he is very much regarded one of the best athletes in the Premier League.

"I remember my first game for the under 18's and everyone was flying past me".