"Nowadays if you want to play at the top level you simply have to be an athlete".

TAE sat down with Derby County striker and member of the famous Premier League 100 club Darren Bent to discuss how the physical side of the game has changed over the course of his career and in particular the important of speed.

“Back when I used to play for Ipswich in the early 2000’s you would always get one or two quick players in a team,” says the ex-England Striker.

“Defenders were renown to be quite slow and your quick players would be the wide men and the strikers.

“Nowadays you have speed all over the pitch.

“Your modern day full backs like Danny Rose and Kyle Walker are rapid and amongst the quickest players in the premier league, even the centre halves are becoming quicker.

“So for me the main thing that has changed since then and now is the pace of the game and the pace of the players.”

Benty also gives TAE his insights on training, ex-teammate Gareth Bale and who he thinks is the best striker in the world today.

"You need to have dedication, be focused on your craft but most of all you need to enjoy it".