Core For Football

Improved core strength for a footballer will enhance your ability to move fast and change direction quickly and also serve you well in those on pitch individual duels. Strong core muscles will also act as a base for endurance, posture, strength, power and help reduce your risk of injury. 


So how should you be training your core in order to improve your on pitch performance. You’d be excused for thinking that abdominal aesthetics and the ability to perform a large volume of crunch type movements are the key to achieving a functionally strong core but if we look at the science and the actual demands on the core during sporting performance you’d be wide of the mark 


When we talk about true functional core strength we know that a well thought out core training programme should be made up of “anti” exercises. 


Research has found that the natural role of our core is to resist movement, not create it, so true functional exercises must focus on this ability. Mastering anti-movements help athletes stabilise the hips and spine during movement, resulting in a solid base of which to perform. This means a greater ability to transfer energy from the lower body to the upper body, and vice versa. 


We categorise these as movements as - 


• anti-rotation 

• anti-extension 

• anti-lateral flexion exercises.


The exercises programmed in these two workouts contain a mixture of all the functional core movements previously described and will help you to lay the foundations of a strong functional core that will help you perform better out on the pitch. 


These workouts can be done at the end of a regular gym session.