Even when fatigued the worlds best players are still the first to meet the ball and play the right pass to their intended target 


To be a top player in the modern game its vital that you're physically fit enough to repeatedly get around the pitch whilst also being able to influence play when in possession of the ball. To be used as an alternative pitch based conditioning exercise, the centre circle passing drill requires you to show speed without the ball and composure with it.


  • Record your time for this drill and aim to complete the circuit as fast as possible

  • Complete the circuit by running anti-clockwise and accelerate as fast as you can around each shooting target 

  • Return to the centre as fast as you can whilst ensuring you stay composed to make your pass

  • Aim to hit the target by playing the pass first time where possible  

PLAY LIKE - Use this drill to play like


  • Kevin De Bruyne

  • Paul Pogba

  • Andrés Iniesta

SET-UP - See graphic below


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