Use the Arrowhead speed drill to get in behind your opponents and give defenders nightmares. 


The Arrowhead drill is great for improving your ability to rapidly change direction in and around the edge of the 18 yard box allowing yourself to get into those goalscoring positions.


  • Explode as fast as you can towards your team mate to start the drill 

  • Keep the intensity high as you return the pass and react to move either left or right on the call of your team mate.

  • Sprint as fast as you can whilst bending your run around the arrow, making sure you check over your shoulder for the return pass.

  • Aim to finish the ball first time and play with the intensity and focus thats required in a game 

PLAY LIKE - Use this drill to play like


  • Sergio Aguero 

  • Marcus Rashford

  • Kylian Mbappé 

SET-UP - See graphic below


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