Having the engine to repeatedly sprint both with and without the ball allows you to have a much greater impact on the game


Just like in an actual game this drill requires a great deal of energy and concentration. To be used as an alternative pitch based conditioning drill, the 6 cone shuttle requires you to show speed both with and without the ball.


  • Record your time for this drill and aim to complete the circuit as fast as possible

  • Accelerate as fast as you can to each marker and stay low when changing direction whilst also retrieving the small cones

  • Concentrate on your passes with your parter as a poor pass or loose control will cost you valuable time

  • When dribbling the ball keep it close to your body and try not to take too many touches when circling the cone

  • Take care when you place the ball on the centre spot to end the drill and log your time

PLAY LIKE - Use this drill to play like


  • Kevin De Bruyne 

  • Paul Pogba

  • Mousa Dembélé

SET-UP - See graphic below


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