Speed wins, no matter where you play or at what level you play at. Being fast in the modern game is vital.


The 40m sprint will allow you to test the most important physical attribute in the modern game - speed. This test will let you know how fast you currently are whilst also giving you a benchmark to improve on.


  • Think about 'Driving the ground away' and taking powerful, purposeful strides during the acceleration phase of this drill

  • As you get to top speed, relax the body, making sure it is upright and stay focused on attacking the ground with each step

  • Make sure you run as fast as you can (finishing through the cones) to record your best possible time and make it a true test

PLAY LIKE - Use this drill to play like


  • Héctor Bellerín 

  • Leroy Sané

  • Kyle Walker

SET-UP - See graphic below


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