Take the Test

If you’re serious about becoming a better athlete, and in turn a better player, then simply training hard isn't enough - you'll also need to train smart. That's where testing can play a major role in allowing you to work more intelligently and monitor your progression.

In professional football many different components of a player’s fitness are tested periodically in order to measure a player’s speed, agility, stamina and also their strength and power. This way teams can highlight areas where players need to improve and also repeat these tests again at a later date to ensure that the work being carried out in training is having a positive effect on their physical performance.

Speed, agility and stamina are all key components of fitness that you'll need to have in your locker if you want to be a top player. That's why TAE recommend you test these three areas of fitness using these three drills from our training library. Give them all a go and record your time for each drill. This will allow you to set a benchmark so that you know where you’re at right now, and also give you a target to surpass next time you do these tests.

You can even challenge your team mates by getting them to attempt all three drills and see who comes out on top for each category, and then overall. If you don't play for a team you could challenge a friend and see who comes out on top in a best of three test.


Speed wins, no matter where you play or what level you play at. Test yours with the 40m Sprint.


Think your fit? then give our 3 Ball Carry a try and see if you outlast your opponent.


Movement is key for any footballer, give the T Drill a go and see how agile you are.