Strength Training

‘Sport specific’ is a word that is becoming increasingly more popular within the fitness world, whether its being used in regards to a full training program or a single drill. But what exactly does sport specific mean?

In short, it simply means a form of training that has a purpose, and a direct benefit to the individual performing it. And thats exactly why strength training should be regarded as being ‘sports specific’, as it has a big ‘purpose’ in the development of the modern day footballer.

Football has evolved and will continue to do so, meaning players no longer simply view themselves as ‘footballers’ but rather as ‘athletes’, or at least they should do. And in order to become a better athlete actions must be taken to improve every aspect of your physical make-up. You only need to look at Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale to see that their physiques weren't made from just playing endless hours of football. So where should you start when looking to become a better athlete?

At TAE we firmly believe the first port of call for an athlete of any level should be the incorporation of strength work (if not already present) into a training program. Strength is the foundation on which speed and power can be developed. And in addition to improving the rate at which you can produce force, it also helps improve your bodies ability to absorb greater forces, making your body more durable and less susceptible to injury. How many more benefits could you want?

So there you have it, strength is king and luckily for you guys our expert team of trainers at TAE have put together a full body strength workout made up from exercises you can find in our training section. Give it a go.