It’s not just about being the best, it’s about staying the best – that’s the message from the World and Olympic heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

For Joshua. Talent Ain’t Enough means staying hungry, working hard and, if there is anyone else with more talent, grafting and grafting until you can go past them.

“There are so many talented people in the world and that can be like a god-given thing that you are blessed with,” he says.

“But the message that Talent Ain’t Enough should keep you grounded because you have to keep striving for greatness.

“It is one thing being the best but another thing to maintain it.

“Just say there is a guy who is really skilful who is leaps and bounds ahead of me.

“I am going to be grafting away and working, building and building, and I am going to surpass him one day.

“You also need wisdom, you need guidance.

“When you are in a sport you have got your coaches, your team, and then there are players that have retired.

“It is easy to go into a sport and good to be confident but not so confident that you don’t take any advice.

“It is important to look around at the people around you, and people who have been there before you, because that information that you can access is really valuable.

“I would always advise a youngster to take all that information in,  to be like a sponge.”

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